Young Data Scientist – the journey so far and the future

Young Data Scientist started off an initiative for teaching coding to young people

Over the last five years, I (Aditya Jaokar) have been involved in this story with Ajit Jaokar (my dad)

We first started with initiatives like the Raspberry Pi and teaching coding in schools

This was covered in a few publications

In 2014, we partnered with ardusat – now called because learning – to take data from a live satellite and teach machine learning using that data (a simple prediction of whether there was a cloud or not below the satellite)

We won some awards for this also for our work at Lab Miami  

from the Association of Space explorers   which comprises of astronauts and cosmonauts from 37 nations

And we presented these ideas in Oxford University at an innovation conference

Ultimately, the idea of applying Machine learning techniques led to the book –

Mathematical foundations of Data Science will be launched in July 2019

With help from my dad Ajit Jaokar , Dan Howarth and others – I plan to create code for the book 

I have been learning to code in Python at gocode academy

For this book, I will mostly use a Python library called numpy

Numpy is a key foundational library for using Python for Machine Learning

The overall idea is to use numpy to illustrate the concepts of Linear Algebra from a Data Science standpoint.

Numpy allows you to manipulate data in Arrays and Vectors.

You can also do more complex things like summarizing data and solve linear equations using numpy.

I will be adapting code for the following books

Numpy Essentials and Numpy a beginners guide

There is also an excellent free book on Numpy by Travis-Oliphant (who is the author of Numpy) which I plan to use

I will be posting the code in my github account   after July 2019(when my exams are over)

I will also be working with initiatives for people on the autism spectrum to share these ideas

If you are interested to know more please contact us at ajit.jaokar at